Concentrated Detergent Sanitizer

Quat-Gard PackQuat-Gard is a synergistic blend of quaternary ammonium compounds, surfactants and sequestrant. It is a concentrated, highly active broad-spectrum detergent sanitizer with the power to cope with heavy contamination. Quat-Gard can be used with all classes of livestock for cleaning and sanitizing buildings and equipment.

Quat-Gard is used as a pre-wash at a low dilution for the removal of heavy soiling, or can be used at a high dilution during wash down following foaming. Terminal disinfection should then be completed.

Instructions for Use

Quat-Gard can be applied manually or via a pressure washer or foaming lance as a pre-wash or for wash-down.


Pre-wash with Quat-Gard at a 1:250 dilution via a pressure washer or foam generator. With the pressure set at 500 – 1000 psi and a wide-angle nozzle or foam lance, spray the whole area to be treated.


After foaming or pre-wash, use Quat-Gard at a 1:1000 dilution via a pressure washer set at 3000 psi. The process should be carried out by starting at the highest point and working down.

Recommended Dilution Rates

For use as a pre-wash 1:250 For wash-down 1:1000


  1. Avoid contact with concentrate.
  2. Wear protective clothing, gloves and goggles when handling the concentrate. Wash immediately and thoroughly with water after accidental skin or eye contamination with concentrate.
  3. Prevent contamination of food, food utensils, drinking water, rivers, dams, etc,
  4. Wash hands thoroughly after use.