Powder Cleaner and Sanitiser: Egg cleaner and sanitiser for Hen, Turkey, Duck and Game birds

General Properties

  • A unique chlorine release system kills viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • Contains surfactant for thorough cleaning.
  • Available in low foam variety for use in automatic egg washing machines.
  • Available in high foam variety for hand washing and use in rotary egg washing machines.


Unique formulation combining a highly effective blend of cleaning agents plus a chlorine release system.


Extensive field trials washing hen, turkey, duck and game bird eggs show that eggs washed in Farm Care Egg-Gard show a marked improvement in hatchability and a reduction in chick mortality.


For cleaning and sanitizing all hatching eggs: hens, turkeys, ducks and game birds.

Automatic washing machines Temperature 38ºC
Initial Dose 300g per 200 litres water Recharge 80 gm every 30 minutes depending on level of soiling and type of equipment
Rotary washers Temperature 38ºC
Initial Dose 30g per 5 litres water Recharge Drain after each batch. Do not rinse eggs. Prepare fresh solution